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Holiday Gift Guide

The LonoLife Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

Hooray for the holidays, and for putting a smile on the faces of those we care about with gifts!

And you know what those people we care about really deserve? Healthy gifts! We got our team together and compiled a list of some of the top things on our own gift-giving lists this year — they turned out to be (mostly!) healthy, fun, and just-a-little-bit-different. We hope you find something in here for the people in your life, whether it’s a co-worker, friend, partner, or parent.



Let’s face it, we might not get to see some of the people we’d usually be clinking glasses with this holiday season, which is all the more reason we need to think ahead when it comes to gifts. But just because someone is far away, doesn’t mean you have to spend half your budget shipping gifts to them. That’s where subscriptions step in — the perfect way to let someone know you care not just during the holidays, but each month of the year!

Here are some of our favorite subscriptions:

  • Buy them peace of mind with an annual subscription to the Calm App, the #1 app for meditation and sleep. They’ll thank you when they realize they have a place to turn to when stress creeps in.
  • Gift them a LonoLife Subscription package for their favorite bone broth or collagen. You get to choose how often products get delivered to their door, so you can adjust their subscription according to your budget.
  • Help them get their adventure on in 2021 with a Nomadik subscription box. It may be a little pricier than some of the other gifts in this list, but if there’s a special someone who loves to get outside, this makes for a great gift.



If we’re honest, half of what makes the holidays fun is that we get to over-indulge a little on some of our favorite foods and drinks. So why not make food and drink part of your holiday gift giving? But: remember that this is a healthy gift guide? So…

  • Non-alcoholic spirits. Stay with us for a minute on this one. The world is currently ushering in an entirely new era of alcohol-free drinks that might just make you question if you need the alcohol content at all. Case in point, Lyres — an “exquisite range of lovingly crafted alcohol-free, classic spirits.” They taste uncannily like the real deal. They even have a gift-finding tool on their website to help you out this time of year!
  • Fermented tea that tastes like IPA? True story. Hoplark HopTea is tea that is brewed like craft beer. And it tastes, well, hoppy (and delicious!) Gift a 12 pack to someone you think might benefit from finding an alternative to say, beer, and you never know how it might impact their future choices.
  • Gift a mixed selection of LonoLife Collagen Peptides for someone you know who could do with a smoothie boost. Put a little basket together with our Vanilla, Mocha, and Cucumber Lemon flavors and you should have them covered. We like to say that it’s a way better gift than face cream, as it nourishes skin from the inside out (the best way!)



Isn’t it awesome when your gift to someone you care about ends up being fun for you too? Yep, we think so. That’s why we’ve included some healthy gifts for sharing in this list.

  • Dance lessons. From hip hop to jazz, and ballroom to breakdancing, why not sign you and a friend/partner/sibling up for a couple of months of dance lessons? It’s great exercise, feeds the soul, and might just be good for a few laughs too… (Breakdancing with your BFF? Come on!)
  • A National Parks Yearly Pass — with the caveat that you have to go explore together. From Yellowstone to Yosemite, you’ll find at least one park (amongst the 62 national parks across the United States) that you and your explorer buddy can venture to in 2021. 
  • A month of goat yoga. Sorry, we just couldn’t resist. Because what could be better than dropping into an asana in tandem with a friend and… goats? You’ll be surprised at how many goat yoga locations you will find near you. Go on — google them. Then sign you and your giftee up!

LonoLife has no connection to any of the brands mentioned above, and by clicking on the links you will be taken to 3rd party websites.

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