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10 Foodie Instagram Accounts to Follow This Year

If you like food, you probably like Instagram. After all, the two were born for each other. Make a delicious meal, post a photo of your delicious meal, caption your delicious meal. But Instagram is more than just eye candy these days. There are some serious foodie accounts on there that can provide everything from inspiration to nutritional advice to detailed recipes, and we’ve become hooked on some of the better ones recently.

We thought we’d share some of the accounts we’ve been following because, you know, sharing is caring!

  1. Dad With a Pan

There’s something so wholesome about the food pics on this page, and just writing about it is making us hungry. If fried mashed potato balls and homemade mac n cheese are your things, you’ll need to check this out.

  1. Half Baked Harvest

Put on your fancy pants because the recipes Tieghan Gerard whips up on her Instagram account are simply divine – both in taste and visuals. We’re talking Chai Espresso Martinis, Crispy Prosciutto and Cheese Pastry Twists, and Salted Honey Butter Parker House Rolls. Yum.

  1. Abbeys Kitchen


If you like to take your dietary advice from a registered dietician, then this is an account you should be following. She’s also a mom who serves up handy little kid-friendly recipes (think air fryer cauliflower tots) as well as some advice on how to keep a healthy relationship with food. Oh, and her recipes are killer too!

  1. Green Healthy Cooking 

So simple. So good. That kind of sums up the clean ingredient-based recipes you’ll find on this Instagram account. Think Overnight Oats, Roasted Veggies, Green Rice, and Fancy Grain Bowls. You can print all the recipes off too for an added make-this-easy bonus.

  1. Keto Made Simple

When a bio says “I make keto food for normal people”, you know you want to follow along. Because let’s face it, keto can seem anything but simple at times, so with recipes like Twix Bars, roasted spaghetti squash, and salmon bowls, this account has you covered.

  1. Keto Copy 


Author of the Frugal Keto Cookbook, Emily (aka Keto Copy) does a darn fine job of replicating some of your favorite cookies and desserts in a keto-friendly fashion. And if you’re thinking of taking the keto candy thing to the next level, you’ll love the candied bacon recipe pictured above.

  1. The Gut Stuff

We get it. This one might not sound so appealing but we know that many of you found your way to LonoLife while trying to improve your gut health, so we wanted to include this one in the mix. An account dedicated to all things gut health, you’ll find plenty of useful information as well as loads of delicious, gut-friendly recipes.

  1. Doctors Kitchen

If you only follow one foodie account, we think this might need to be it. Because not only does Dr Rupy Aujla put together some of the most delicious whole food meals (and often in one pot) that we’ve seen, but his nutrition and lifestyle advice is invaluable. In fact, we’d say it’s just what the doctor ordered!

  1. Whole 30 Recipes


If you are a Whole 30 follower and you don’t yet follow this account, you’re missing out. But even if you’re not aboard the Whole 30 train, there are some fabulous clean-eating recipes to inspire you to up your whole food intake. One recipe that caught our eye is this Anti-Inflammatory Golden Soup, made with none other than gut-healing bone broth. 

  1.  Keto Snackz

Snacking on keto can seem hard, but it doesn’t have to be, and Irick Wiggins (aka Keto Snacks) is here to prove it. From homemade (and delicious) keto snacks to suggestions of keto-friendly store-bought snacks, you’ll find plenty of ideas for any time you get the munchies.

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