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The 101 On New Year Cleanses

Did you overindulge over the holidays? Of course, you did! Don’t worry – January is the month of the great reset. And if you’ve got a detox or cleanse on your mind, we’ve got some great tips and tricks for you before you hit “go”. Read on to see what kind of cleanse is right for you, and how to avoid common pitfalls while maximizing the benefits of the cleanse. 


Some people decide to go all in and follow a custom cleanse, complete with supplements, juices, or pre-prepared food. Others go for the “Remove-the-worst-offenders” method. Whatever resonates with you is probably the best way to go!

  • Fasting. Fasting is defined as a period of partial or total restriction from all foods or selected foods. According to the American Heart Association, “Regular fasting is associated with lower rates of heart failure and improved metabolism.”
  • Elimination Diets. The most common for detox purposes is the elimination of alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes, gluten, dairy, and refined sugar. The great thing about an elimination diet is that you can slowly reintroduce certain food groups one at a time to see which ones might cause you to feel less-than-optimal. 
  • Juice Cleanses. A type of diet that involves consuming only juices from vegetables and fruits in an attempt to lose weight and detoxify the body, these have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Juice cleanses can last anything from 3-10 days. In one study, participants that were followed on a 3-day juice cleanse showed altered “Intestinal microbiota associated with weight loss, increase in the vasodilator NO, and decrease in lipid oxidation.” All good things!
  • Master Cleanse. That’s right, the good ol’ Master Cleanse. Some call it the Lemonade Cleanse, but no matter what you call it, our LonoLife Master Cleanse product takes the work out of this detox diet that’s been around since the 1940s. Buy it here.  (Want to know more about the diet Beyonce trusted to help her get ready for her part in Dream Girls? Read this.)
  • Bone Broth Cleanse. Bone broth gives your digestive system a boost, while also enhancing immune function and providing enough sustenance to keep you going, even without food. Try replacing your meals with bone broth for three days for a positive reset. If that’s too hard for you, try switching out one meal a day for a cup of LonoLife Bone Broth.

Lost in a sea of cleanse commercials? Not sure which one is right for you? Try asking yourself the following questions:

  • Do you find it hard to stick to something for a long time? If so, then a 3-day juice cleanse or Master Cleanse might be best for you.
  • Do you find it difficult to go without food? If you answered yes, then skip the fasting idea and go for an elimination type of detox. This way you don’t cut calories or go hungry… you simply keep certain foods out of your diet for a period of time.
  • Are you trying to find a new way of eating that you can continue throughout the year? In that case, trying Intermittent Fasting could be great for you. There are multiple proven health benefits from intermittent fasting, no matter which format you use. You can read more about it here.
  • Do you want to take action but feel that a full-blown cleanse is more than you can handle? Try the bone broth cleanse, at whatever level you can manage it. If it’s just replacing one meal a day for a cup of nutritious chicken bone broth, that’s ok!

While there are a lot more factors to consider for each kind of detox or cleanse, here are some starters.

  • DO talk to your doctor before starting any new diet, especially if you have pre-existing health issues.
  • DON’T start a new exercise regime at the same time you are doing a cleanse (although some exercise is good to promote detoxification).
  • DO think of your detox or cleanse as a stepping stone to a healthier you, rather than a break from a bad diet.
  • DO make sure you stay hydrated. Some diets will trigger frequent “eliminations” so it’s important to keep your water intake high.
  • DO be prepared that you might feel worse before you feel better. The detoxification process can cause you to feel groggy, have headaches, or experience other symptoms. For the most part, this is to be expected (although consult your doctor if you have concerns).
  • DO talk with staff at your local juicery if that is where you’re sourcing your juice cleanse. They can help you set expectations.
  • DO choose a time where you can take care of yourself during your cleanse period. Your body might need a little extra TLC.

Ready to get started? Well, we think you’re off to an amazing new year!

Disclaimer: None of the above information should be taken as medical guidance. Please consult your doctor before starting any detox diet or cleanse.

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