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Plan The Perfect Camping Trip With These 5 Items

Plan The Perfect Camping Trip With These 5 Items

Not your usual list…

Camping envy: It’s a real thing. You set up your tent, pop open a couple of chairs, and throw some logs on the fire feeling rather proud of yourself only to turn around and see the best campsite setup ever! You know the one: fairy lights hanging from the shade canopy; rug rolled out to keep feet clean and create a living-room-like ambience; marinated meat neatly packed in plastic containers in a cooler; and music playing from background speakers. 

How were they so prepared?” you ask yourself. Followed by “How do I become a pro camper too?”

Seeing as June is National Camping Month, we figured we’d share some of our top tips for the perfect camping vacation (or staycation) with you so you can be better prepared for the best camping experience possible. 

Whether you are planning some single-night getaways close to home or a bigger road trip with multiple stops, you’ll find something invaluable to add to your camping list in the items below.



Roof Top Tent

We might as well start with the big stuff, right? If you have an ongoing love affair with camping, you might want to consider investing in a rooftop tent. The somewhat genius rooftop tent invention is just as it sounds — a tent that attaches to your vehicle’s roof rack. From low-cost soft shells to more robust hard tops, all you need to do is pull up to your camping spot, unfold your tent, and extend the ladder for a seamless, off-the-ground camping adventure. These are particularly useful if you are camping somewhere with critters you’d like to avoid in the dark of night.



Rinse Kit
Source: Rinse Kit

Repeat after us: sandy, dirty feet shall never enter your tent. Now we’ve got that clear, here’s the solution for keeping your feet clean after a day on the beach or a dusty hike — the Rinse Kit! The “Original Pressurized Portable Shower,” a rinse kit allows you to hose yourself, your pets, and your gear down when out and about. In fact, while this is a super handy camping accessory, you will most likely find yourself using it for so much more.



Goal Zero Solar Kit
Source: GoalZero

While camping might be all about disconnecting from the outside world, portable solar panels and power packs still have a special place in our camping hearts. Whether you are looking to boost your phone’s battery, light up your camp canopy, or recharge your flashlight, solar panels and a portable power pack aren’t just practical when camping — they are peace-of-mind. We love the camping solutions Goal Zero offers, from a portable, weatherproof mini recharger with solar panel sets and solar powered mini lanterns right through to mega powerful portable power stations.



Whether you are looking to heat some water for your lunchtime cup of LonoLife Keto Beef Bone Broth or are cooking dinner for the whole crew, a good portable stove is pretty much essential to a successful camping trip. We say go for a 2-burner, so you can cook your rice and your chili at the same time. We’ve used the Coleman Triton Propane 2-Burner Stove and loved it, but there are plenty of others out there at reasonable price ranges too. (Tip from the chefs on our team: don’t forget to pack some Sample Packs of LonoLife bone broth so you can add flavor to any meal in an instant or warm up with a steaming cup of bone broth on a cold night.)



We know, there’s nothing original about telling you to make S’mores on your camping trip, but if you’re like us and like to leave nothing to chance, this S’mores Kit from Hershey’s is genius. It comes with everything you need to make 18 s’mores in one box, so all you need to do is go hunting for the perfect roasting sticks. If sticks-in-the-wild aren’t your thing, then check out this handy camping “fork” from Crate & Barrel or this chrome plated s’more maker

Once you’ve stocked up on the perfect camping setup there’s only one thing left to do: book your next trip!

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