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Our Top 5 Food and Wellness Podcasts (and why)

If you’ve found yourself in a bit of a Netflix coma lately, here’s a great way to break out of it: podcasts! Whether you’re tinkering in the garage, doing laundry, or going for a run, podcasts are a great way to educate and entertain yourself on-the-go. We’re big fans of podcasts over here because it’s a great way to get direct insight from some experts in their field and dig deeper into topics that interest us. 

Below you’ll find some food and wellness podcasts that we wanted to share with you. Each of them focuses to some degree on food (well, that is our passion after all!) but they also cover everything from the social and political impact of our food system to holistic health insights. And there are a couple in there for the keto dieters amongst you too!


Fed up with fancy? Want to listen to something that talks about real food in a fun and engaging way? Then we suggest you tune into Sporkful — a podcast that identifies itself as “It’s not for foodies, it’s for eaters.” This podcast is fun, informative, and does a great job of amplifying diverse voices and backgrounds. You’ll even find interviews with British chef extraordinaire Jamie Oliver and “life-changing” questions tackled such as, “Is a hot dog a sandwich?”

Hot tip: check out the Mission ImPASTAble first!


Do you think hard about your food, where it comes from, and what happens before it ends up on your plate? Then the Bite podcast is for you. This one is less about meals and recipes and more about the science and politics that exist in the shadows of our food consumption. There are some really interesting episodes from ones on the impact of Covid-19 on the long-term health of the restaurant industry to “The Real Problem with Chipotle Burritos”. 

Hint: If you enjoy reading the editorial by Mother Jones, you’ll likely enjoy this podcast as their key editorial staff is involved in its production.


If you follow a keto diet (or are considering it) then this podcast is essential listening. With over 300 episodes and 13 million downloads, chances are you already have this one on your radar. But just in case you don’t… here’s what to know. This podcast delves into everything keto, from measuring your ketones to intermittent fasting to glucose monitoring (and a whole lot more). You’ll hear from a wide range of keto experts too.

Tip: Check out the podcast website for even more awesome info on the keto diet, recipes, and more.


We love The Natural State Podcast because it doesn’t just tackle food (and in particular, the low-carb lifestyle and popular keto diet), it also discusses other holistic health topics. We’re talking about everything from raising healthy, independent children in a non-toxic home to discussing what your genes can tell you about your health risks. And host Dr. Anthony Gustin interviews some of the top experts around for each of his deep dives. This is a great all-round podcast for anyone following a low-carb lifestyle who realizes that’s just part of a bigger goal of overall health.

Hint: start with the episode where he interviews Dr. Mark Hyman — the hero of our next podcast recommendation.


Dr. Mark Hyman M.D. is an internationally recognized leader, speaker, educator, and advocate in the field of Functional Medicine and he’s leading a health revolution  — one that revolves around using food as medicine. The Doctor’s Farmacy Podcast digs into all kinds of subjects, from How to Rewire Your Brain for Sleep to Understanding How the Microbiome Affects Every Aspect of Your Health. One of the things we love most about this podcast is Dr Hyman’s own vulnerability where he talks about his personal health challenges and experiences. There is truly something for everyone on this podcast, so give it a listen!

Top tip: Kick off with the episode Is Bone Broth Worth the Hype?

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