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Easy Ski Snacks For When The Lodge Is Closed)

Easy Ski Snacks (Perfect When The Lodge Is Closed)

Car, slope, & budget-friendly snacks for a day in the snow

If you’re lucky enough to be heading up to the mountains or your local ski hill, good for you! Or perhaps you’re taking the family sledding for the afternoon (which sounds like a lot of fun too.) Either way, whether you’re spending the day snowboarding or simply exploring snowy zones with your crew, there’s a big chance the lodges and local restaurants will be closed for dining right now. 

But don’t worry — we’ve got some great ideas for hunkering down in your car while filling up and warming up, as well as some easy chairlift-friendly snacks. You might find you save yourselves some serious dollars too!



LonoLife Bone Broth Noodle Cups

Instant ramen? Nah, this is some seriously nutritious noodle soup right here. AND it’s perfect for packing in your car (or backpack) on a cold wintry day. All you need to do is pack a thermos or insulated bottle with hot water, pour, and eat. This little wonder packs in a full 20g of protein, giving it the kind of sustaining energy that will keep you hitting the slopes (or dragging your kids back up that hill) all afternoon.



Fruit Leather

A quick burst of fruit can give you that extra boost you need on a cold day in the mountains but finding something you can stash in your pocket without crushing it takes some thinking (and yes, bananas are definitely out.) This is where fruit leathers step in — dehydrated fruit in one easy-to-carry-around strip. You can even make a big batch of them yourself at home (simple recipe here.) These are usually a win with the kids too, making life easier for everyone!



LonoLife Keto Bone Broth

Missing your mid-run coffee stop? Don’t worry, we’ve got something even better in store for you. Our Keto Bone Broths come with all the delicious taste of our regular bone broths but has the added bonus of 5g of fat — perfect for filling you up on those adventure-filled days. Even more satiating, even more flavor, more calories, and with more nutrition per serving than our regular bone broths, if one serving of regular LonoLife doesn’t hold you over long enough, our all new Keto Beef Bone Broth might just do the trick.

(Find out more about why our Keto Bone Broth is different here.)



Pb & J Sandwich

While this might not sound like the most original suggestion, we had to include it because it’s a time-tested favorite that simply works. Whether you are a PB&J kind of person or prefer the ham and cheese route, just make sure it includes some protein to fill you up and keep you going. Also, consider double wrapping it in case it gets a little smashed (believe us, a well-made sandwich wrapped in aluminum foil tastes just as good after a slam.) Wraps work really well too as can hold up to a little action without breaking.


While we all look forward to sitting down to a mulled wine and a hearty meal by the lodge fire, we can get by with some easy ski snacks until that day comes again. So for now, let it snow!

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