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5 Ways To Treat Mom From Afar This Mother’s Day

Unique gifts for mom that show you care

We’re experiencing a lot of “firsts” right now during this unprecedented time. The first time we celebrate a child’s birthday without a chorus of excited kids around to sing happy birthday and eat cake with them… Our first attempt at fixing broken wires in orthodontic braces with nail clippers and a YouTube video… And (for many of us) our first experience of homeschooling our own children.

Now we’re about to experience another first: celebrating Mother’s Day while not being able to physically visit our moms. Sure, some of us couldn’t do that anyway because we live in another state, but for those of us fortunate enough to still have our wonderful moms with us, we face the likelihood of showing them how much we love them from afar.

We thought we’d put a few unique gift ideas together to help you show mom how much you care for her, even if you can’t give her the big hug you really want to.



Although many of us have taken to growing a veggie garden recently, not everyone has the space for one or the inclination to put in the work. But who doesn’t love fresh herbs?! We bet your mom does. Whether she enjoys adding a sprig of rosemary to her roast chicken, going all-out on basil for homemade pesto, or loves to have some mint on hand for a cheeky mojito, we’re guessing she’ll enjoy the convenience of having a selection of herbs on hand. With an indoor herb growing kit it’s easier to grow herbs than ever — garden or not — and even the most novice gardeners can keep them alive. We like this one and this one from Amazon.


If you haven’t considered putting your face on some socks for your mom yet, we’re not sure what you’ve been doing. Kidding. But, we do know some of our moms would get a total kick out of a silly pair of photo socks with their favorite son/daughter/grandkids’ faces on. Even if they just wear them to bed at night, you’ll be close by and on their mind no matter how far away you are. You can find some here.


There’s nothing like looking out for mom’s health to show her how much you care, and right now, the best thing we can all do (other than sheltering-in-place where advised) is to make sure our immune systems are in an optimal state. Why not put a little care package together with some top quality multi-vitamins (many health specialists are recommending daily vitamin D and Liposomal vitamin C right now*,) an organic “greens” supplement (like this one that allows you to pack in your daily dose of greens without filling the fridge with fresh food) and, of course, a Sample Pack of LonoLife Bone Broth for a collagen-rich, protein-packed tasty drink?

*This is not medical advice. Always check with your doctor before starting a new supplement regime.


If your mom is the kind to enjoy a good pampering, while she might not be able to make it to the spa (or nail salon or aestheticians) you can bring it to her! We bet she’d love this Foot Spa With Vibration Massage for an at-home pedicure, or this Wooden Massage and Reflexology Kit. Or, she can take her home facials to the next level with a Mist Facial Sauna System! Ah, bliss…


There are some incredible apps and online classes available to us all, and you won’t have to search long before finding one that is perfect for mom. If she’s into mindfulness and meditation, then consider getting her a subscription to the Calm app — a popular app for meditation and sleep. Has she got time to learn a new skill (or take one to the next level?) Then she might love an annual membership to Masterclass — where people of all different skill levels can take classes in everything from painting to gardening to creative writing from some of the best teachers in the world.

No matter what you get your mother this Mother’s Day, we’re sure you’d rather see her in person and give her a big hug. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that that can happen soon!

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