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5 Unique BBQ Gifts For Father’s Day

Each Father’s Day, we get to ask ourselves, “What does Dad really want?” The inevitable answer? More BBQ gear! After all, Father’s Day happens to land right at the start of backyard grilling season, so it’s really the perfect time to top up his BBQ arsenal and help him gain bragging rights for the perfect steak. 

Read on to see some of our favorites finds this year. You might even find yourself buying two of each… One for Dad, and one for, well, YOU!


Let us start by saying, we’re not sure why we haven’t seen this one before, but we now believe no Dad should grill without one from this day forward. After all, who doesn’t want to put their initials on the world’s most perfectly grilled burger? Exactly. Check out this cute mini branding tool, perfect for the Dad in your life. 


It’s a fact of life – sometimes dinner doesn’t get done on schedule. But worry not, because there are handy little grill lights that have you (or should we say, the BBQ) covered even when the last light is long gone. We like this one, because it’s flexible and magnetic, so no tools needed.


Why the bone broth, you may ask. Because homemade BBQ sauce, of course! But not just any ol’ BBQ sauce… This chicken broth makes the foundation of the (possibly) the world’s most delicious Bacon Bone Broth BBQ sauce. You can find the full recipe here.


Singed forearm hair just doesn’t smell good when you’re getting ready to eat, so stop it in its tracks with a solid pair of BBQ gloves for the Dad in your life this year. We’re all over these heat-resistant gloves in multiple colors, but if you really want to take things up a notch, check out these personalizable leather classy gloves from Texas Irons, the guys who know a thing or two about grilling.

All these wonderful gifts aside, don’t forget… the best gift you can give Dad this year (and every year) is the “story” that he grills a better burger than any of his friends! 

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