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5 Quick N Easy After School Snacks The Kids Will Love

It’s a funny thing… No matter how much food you put in your kid’s lunchbox (or how big a meal they ate in the school cafeteria), they’re always ravenous when they walk through the door. Are we right?

In between the cries of “I’m hungry!” and “I need help with my homework!” there’s barely time to put a snack together. That’s why we are big fans of snack-prep: A little time dedicated to making healthy and easy after-school snacks ahead of time to help your afternoons run more smoothly.

The following are some of our favorite after-school snacks to ease you back into the school year. Our only criteria is that they must be nutritious and quick-to-make. If we told you they sneak in some bone broth and/or collagen, would you love us even more?


Hi, honey. How was school? Would you like some chips and guac?” Erm, yes please! We’d wage a stack of bone broth on most kids being more than happy to dig into this tasty, healthy dish. So snackable (even while doing homework) and this one has the added rich taste and protein boost of LonoLife Chicken Bone Broth. Did we mention it takes less than 5 minutes to make too? How’s that for a “quick n easy after school snack”?!

Full recipe here.


We are big fans of snacks that look like they’re way too good to be this good, and these no bake chocolate truffles fit into that category. With just 5 clean ingredients (think dates, coconut oil, collagen, cacao powder and vanilla extract) and a breeze to make, you can have these ready to go as the kids walk through the door. Parent of the year? Quite possibly…

Full recipe here.


Now while we are fans of grab-and-go snacks, there are plenty of kids who enjoy sitting down and eating while they tell you about their day. We think this Taco Soup is the perfect way to greet them — warm, filling, tasty, and comforting. Make it earlier in the day and let the flavors infuse, then serve warm with a dollop of sour cream and/or grated cheese. Prep time is 10 minutes (see – even this one fits in our “quick” criteria) although you’ll want to leave yourself 35-40 minutes for it to cook.

Full recipe here.


Have a blender, some frozen fruit, and 5 minutes to spare? Then may we recommend this colorful, sweet, and fruity smoothie bowl to cool your kids down after a long day at school? You’ll get several of their recommended fruit servings in one sitting too and can add our LonoLife Coconut Pineapple Collagen Peptides for an added protein boost. 

Full recipe here.


Ok, we know we already included chocolate truffles in our list, but we are talking kids here! And what kid doesn’t love a little chocolate in their life? Who are we to tell them that these delicious little treats feature superhero ingredients such as rolled oats, chia seeds, coconut, and collagen? These balls take 5 minutes to make and stay good for up to 2 weeks in the freezer. 

Full recipe here.

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