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Our Top FREE Resources To Help With Back To School

Our Top FREE Resources To Help Parents And Students With Back To School (however it looks for you!)

Our Top FREE Resources To Help With Back To School

We don’t know if Back To School has ever carried the same amount of baggage as it does right now. And we’re not even sure what back to school means anymore, either! What we do know is that we parents want the best for our kids and whether the Fall semester takes the form of distance learning or in-person school, we all appreciate a helping hand once in a while. A free helping hand? Even better!

The following are some of our favorite FREE resources that we think every family should know about. If they give you even just a little lift during these unusual times, then this post has achieved its goals.



Whether your kids are already learning languages at school or are preparing to learn them in a year or two, you will love Duolingo. This app has managed to gamify the process of learning a language so that even young students can have fun while learning a little “Je ne sais quoi!” The free version even delivers personalized learning by adapting to your child’s learning style, while its bite-sized lessons mean even the most resistant language-learner can cope with 15 minutes. In fact, why not make it a family affair and have everyone learn a new language together?!



For as long as schools are closed, we’re open.

That’s the message you will find on the kid’s section of the Audible website, and we think it’s awesome. Some kids have a hard time settling down to read, but we love how it’s possible to paint, play Lego, workout and more while listening to a book, and it’s a great habit to get kids into. We checked out the free library of books they have available and were impressed with the selection. There’s literally something for everyone, from Littlest Listeners to Teens and we’re not embarrassed to say that we might be adding some of the teen audiobooks to our own playlists! Your family can listen to books from Audible on phones, laptops, tablets and desktops and in eight different languages. 



While many of you may already be familiar with the amazing Khan Academy, we wanted to include it just in case it’s not on your radar yet. A free, personalized learning resource for all ages, kids can learn or brush up on math, science, computing, history, art history, economics, and more. They even offer test preparation (SAT, Praxis, LSAT) content. It’s a great way to get ready for the next grade, as well as reinforce classroom learning. 



At the best of times, our kids can do with a little extra academic support here and there. Throw distance learning into the mix, and that need can skyrocket. But so can costs, once you consider 1-1 tutoring, and it’s simply not in everybody’s budget. The good news is, there are resources out there for free (or very affordable) tutoring. Learn To Be  is a non-profit bringing free, 1-on-1, online tutoring to underserved students around the nation. Your local library is another great resource for tutoring. — the online tutoring program — has partnered with libraries for 20 years, allowing them to provide highly effective, one-to-one academic support that is free to access. Check out your local library to see if they are partnered with them. 


One more thing… The first few weeks of heading back to school can be mentally and physically draining for kids (and their parents!) It’s a great time to really pay attention to what they are eating to make sure they’re fueled up in the right way for sustained energy throughout the day. Check out these 3 Kid-Friendly Bone Broth Recipes that allow you to subtly sneak in protein-rich bone broth into their everyday food for an added boost of nutrition.

Ok…It’s time to get those backpacks ready (even if they’re only going as far as the kitchen table) and bring on the new school year. We’ve got this!

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