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Our Top 5 Pantry Organization Tips

It’s March, which can mean only one thing…

No, not March Madness…Spring cleaning time!

And what better place for we foodies to start with our Spring cleaning than with our pantries? That’s what we said, which is why we’re listing out some of our favorite pantry reorganization tips for you below. Even if you only do one of these, we think you’re going to love the way it makes your life just a little bit easier… and who wouldn’t want that?!


We will begin with this one because we know having a fully fledged built-in pantry is a remote dream for many of us. But you can create your own slimmed down version by upcycling a dresser or other piece of furniture such as an old bookcase and positioning it near the kitchen. The key here is keeping it tidy, so make sure to corral like goods (such as all your baking materials) together in uniform baskets, and consider coating glass doors with a glazed finish to obscure any mess that might occur!


Believe us, there’s nothing lazy about these little pantry superheroes. Whether you’ve got a tight corner or just don’t want the “small stuff” to get lost in the mix, lazy Susans are perfect for making those spice jars and vinegar bottles accessible at all times. We love them for our bulk containers such as our Grass Fed Beef Bone Broth or our Vanilla Collagen Peptides. We recommend getting at least a couple, and if you have enough vertical room then consider the double decker versions. 


How many times have you gone to grab the cereal only to find someone has only half closed the bag inside and it’s all gone stale? The same story goes for the pretzels, nuts, cookies and even bulk goods such as rice. If you empty the contents into see-through glass or plastic containers, you get to see exactly what you have, your kids are more likely to seal the lid after helping themselves, and boxes won’t get shoved to the back until they are out of date. Bonus points if you can get matching containers. 


Google pantry organization and you will find endless options for maximizing on vertical space such as these 3-tier spice racks, these cute bamboo shelf organizers, or these awesome can rack organizers. Sometimes all you need to do is rearrange the shelves so that you aren’t wasting space. (Hot tip: If you are looking to stock up on our boxes of shelf-stable LonoLife, they are all less than 7 inches tall!)


This is such an inexpensive, easy, and fun upgrade to any pantry. All you need is some chalkboard self-adhesive contact paper like this one and you’ve got the perfect spot to keep a running grocery list, let everyone know what is for dinner, or send messages to each other. Your kids can even let you know that you’re running low on their favorite Chicken Bone Broth Noodle Cups without sending you a text (imagine that!)

Whether you take on a full pantry reorganization or just update it with a couple of these ideas, we’re confident you’ll reap the rewards tenfold. Happy spring cleaning friends!

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