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How To Help Your Community This Holiday Season

Tis the season… to look out for each other! The holidays are such a great time to remember that there are people less fortunate than us who could really benefit from a helping hand. And you don’t need us to tell you that these last couple of years have been particularly tough on people from all walks of life. If the holiday spirit is high and you’re feeling inclined to step up and do something to help your greater community this season, you’ve come to the right place for ideas.

Read on for some community give-back inspiration from our list below.


If you’re wondering how you’re going to balance out all that turkey… try a Turkey Trot! These family-friendly 5k races usually take place on Thanksgiving morning and are an excellent way to raise funds for different local causes. Find out if there is one near you and start fundraising for your community as soon as you sign up (while also feeling good about those extra slices of pumpkin pie).


Did you know that anyone can start a food drive? Simply start by identifying a group you’d like to support in your local community (if you’re not sure who would most benefit from your support, call your local food bank), set your goals (for example, a certain amount of pounds of food to be collected), and start promoting it within your community. 

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However you celebrate the holidays, chances are food is involved. And lots of it! It’s one of the things we look forward to, after all. But some people don’t get to sit down and enjoy a good old feast during the holidays because they have to work. Firefighters, policemen/women, and hospital staff are just some of the people who don’t get the day (or days) off, while gas station attendees and grocery store employees are others. If you’re trying to get hyper-local with helping your community, drop off some homemade holiday platters for those who have to work over the holidays, and feel a good will rising.

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If you’re a holiday card giver (is anyone not a holiday card giver?) then consider doing two good deeds with one action. There are plenty of companies that donate all, or a percentage of, the proceeds of card sales to causes you might like to support. Check out – it’s like a one-stop-shop for all things charity cards and you can pick the charity that most resonates with you.


The holidays can be a tough time for children in the foster care system, but fortunately, there are ways you can connect with those in need. One Simple Wish is an innovative wish-granting platform where you can send some love to a child who needs it by granting a wish. Whether the wish you grant is clothes, a toy, or a bike, it feels good to know you’ll be making a child’s holiday by getting them a gift they truly want.

And remember, sometimes the smallest gestures can be the most powerful, like inviting your elderly neighbor over for your holiday lunch or grabbing an extra bag of groceries for someone who needs them. Like most things in life, it’s really just about sharing the love!

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